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Disney Tales

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Disney Talespin Don Karnage

In talespin don karnage is a wolf and the cunning leader of a band of villainous air pirates and frequently crosses paths with baloo. His secret hideout pirate island is located inside a volcano somewhere near the. Is Don Karnage Making A Cameo In Ducktales Laughingplace Com Kellogg S 1991 Disney S Talespin Don Karnage Pvc Figure Loose Don Karnage Voice Disney Franchise Behind The Voice Actors Sorry its been so long but better late than never. Disney talespin don karnage . Games movies tv video. His goal is to plunder cape suzette. Either by the cargo pilot baloo and his navigator kit cloudkicker by the pirates own incompetence or by the defenses of. The air pirates are don karnages minions in disneys animated series t