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Use the image carousel option. If you use carousel markup for a content type not currently supported in carousel format it is not an error.

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You can use this new content type to highlight images on your site like a project page where you can feature concepts and designs or share photos from a conference on an event page.

Image carousel google sites.

These instructions use a custom gadget made by romain vialard to embed a google docs presentation into a classic google site.
In the insert images dialogue box use the add image button looks like a plus and when you hold your mouse over it becomes a plus in a circle.
As of march 2019 google has now officially added image carousel support to the new google sites and you would be able to easily add slideshow to your site via that unless you want something more customizable.

Were making it easier for site editors to share a selection of images in new sites by creating a new image carousel.
Choose to upload images from your computer or select images either by url by search from your google photos albums or from google drive.
Preview how the carousel might appear on various devices then adjust the size of the carousel frame if desired.

In this tutorial ill show you how to add an image slider or carousel in new google sites.
Do you want to add a slick animation slideshow carousel or slider to a classic google site using a google docs presentation.
For example a recipe might.

The information can still be displayed but it not in a carousel.
In some cases google search may display your rich result inside a carousel even if the page does not include structured data for a list.
The editor preserves the quality so you can resize the carousel later id you want.

You should upload the image in very good quality bigger file size respectively dimensions.
In a google site select insert image carousel then upload or select images.
When you previewpublish the page google sites makes an optimized copy of those images to fit the size you specify in the editor so there is not more traffic than needed.

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Wordpress Carousel Responsive Image Slider For Wordpress

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